TPMC Leadership Development and High-Performance Organization


Discover Self and Others Awareness, Identify Gaps in Organization and individual performance.

  • Clifton Strengths Finder
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Leadership Performance Gap Assessment
  • Leadership Competency Gap Assessment
  • High-Performance Organization Analytics

    A systematic, through Analysis and Organizational Intervention to close performance gaps.

  • Maximize and Optimize organizational Performance
  • Systematic, Thorough, and Fact Based Approach
  • Organizational Performance Improvement Consulting
  • Learning and Development Strategy

    Performance Improvement Solutions tailored to specific organizational needs and outcome expectations.

  • Relevant to Performance Context
  • Targeted Talent Development Solutions
  • Custom designed Talent Development Solutions
  • Deliver defined performance outcomes

    Instructor-Led Trainings, Workshops for managers aligned with organization development priorities.

  • Leading people and Delivering Results
  • Leadership Presence and Influence
  • Leadership Thinking and Innovation
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers
  • Leadership Teams and Building Dynamic Teams

    Designing instructional experiences with balance of elegant learning, learner needs, fit business context, align to strategy.

  • Designing Instructional Experiences
  • Evaluating Instructional Experience
  • Balance learner needs and organizational needs
  • Blended and Experiential Learning

    Personalized coaching solutions that help executives to discover and apply strengths to achieve performance goals.

  • Transformational Coaching Experience
  • Personalized and Performance Cantered
  • Close Behavioural and Performance Gaps
  • Enabling clients to become effective in leadership roles and deliver results
  • TPMC Leadership Excellence
    Impact We Create:

    Leadership and Management:

    Investing in Management and Leadership Development at all levels of an organizations results in 15% increase of organizational productivity, 30% of improvement in people performance, and 25% increase in employee engagement and commitment.

    TPMC Organizational Culture
    Impact We Create:

    Organizational Culture:

    Developing High-Performance Culture results in increased productivity, operational excellence, high profits, and growth above the industry average. It enables organizations to set & achieve transformational targets, Pursue systematic and relentless execution.
    TPMC Organizational Agility
    Impact We Create:

    Organizational Agility:

    Organization responding to challenges with Speed and Flexibility outperform competitors by up to 36% in revenues and earnings. Ability to rapidly respond to challenges and adjust to changes enables organizations to thrive, enhances organizational health and value creation.

    TPMC Organizational Capability
    Impact We Create:

    Organizational Capability:

    Building capability, leadership at all levels and operations, result in knowledgeable and competent workforce, give organizations a competitive advantage. High-Performance is a result of building capability to do well, better than others, that results in outstanding business results.

    High-Performance Organization TPMC
    Expertise we Bring On-Board:

    High-Performance Organization:

    TPMC systematically and thoroughly examines organizations based on High-Performance Organization Characteristics. A fact based approach to unearth factors that points to the negative and Positive gaps, so that targeted solutions can be developed and implemented.
    Organization Design TPMC
    Expertise we Bring On-Board:

    Organization Design:

    TPMC organizational design aligns organizational capabilities with external challenges, make it compelling for employees, manage complexity, create accountability, distribute influence, and apply distinctive design criteria to design high-performance organization.
    Leadership Development TPMC
    Expertise we Bring On-Board:

    Leadership Development:

    TPMC ensures that the leadership development strategy consists of effective integrated leadership development process and systematic implementation of leadership development programs to achieve clearly defined business outcomes and build leadership at all levels of the organization.
    Learning and Development TPMC
    Expertise we Bring On-Board:

    Learning and Development:

    TPMC Improves overall organization performance through empowering individuals and continually upgrading skills and aligning learning and development to business objectives. Match development needs and development initiatives to impact organization performance.