Turn opportunities into your Stepping Stones

Opportunities can be steppingstones, but they neither appear to you in a manner that is easy to recognize nor reach-out to you at a time when it is most convenient. To recognize and take hold of an opportunity you must look inwardly as well as looking outwardly.

Opportunities are steppingstones when you spot them early; leaders recognize and seize them before it gets beyond the reach. When you spot an opportunity, you have an advantage when you are ready and fully prepared to make the most of it, it is a disadvantage when you are still not ready for it.

Here are some tips to recognize and seize opportunities and use them as steppingstones to reach the next level.

Optimism in Uncertainty:

How confident do you feel when you know there is uncertainty and turbulence is ahead of you? It is easy to thrive in stability, but it takes courage and confidence to steer through during challenging times. Therefore, find the right source of inner strength that will give you the belief and optimism needed to face challenges head-on. Fine tune your mind to be optimistic amidst uncertainty and turbulence, keep a check on your confidence, is it increasing or declining.

In the confluence of dramatic and swift changes there are both opportunities and challenges. It is up to you to discern what the right move is, to make the right responses, and to ensure obstacles are converted into opportunities. Understand where there is a natural advantage and potential growth opportunities that suits you as well as be thoughtful in identifying challenges that must be overcome to ensure growth and success.

Recognizing Opportunities:

Opportunities are not obvious enough to all, but they appear as good as the full moon to those who have clarity of what they are looking for. Therefore, be clear and specific about what you want and why you want them. Studies show that specific planning will help your brain to identify and seize opportunity when it arises, increasing your chance of success by 300%, says Heidi Grant.  Have an open mind, explore how your specifications fit to an opportunity rather than expecting an opportunity to fit your requirements. Convert the clarity and specifics of what you are looking for (goals / priorities) into actions – when and where you take action ahead of opportunities coming your way.

Don’t get so preoccupied with routines that you are blind to recognize opportunities or neglect emerging opportunities over current preoccupation. Opportunities are most often an open door to get you out of your comfort zone, because opportunities come with its own challenges. To take challenges head on, you must take preventive measures than corrective measures.

Better-Prepared or Under-Prepared:

Being ready and fully prepared means whenever an opportunity comes is your convenience, positioning yourself correctly to take advantage of an opportunity whenever it appears. It requires foresight and proactiveness. It is about looking inward to identify gaps and shortfalls that will hinder taking full advantage of an opportunity whenever it appears as much as looking outward to recognize an opportunity that is coming your way.

In an environment where competition is fiercer-than-ever, the winners will be those who can position themselves at the forefront of change, set right priorities that are essential for the future and fully commit to it, take deliberate steps to improve resilience against possible disruptions, proactively build capacity to grow in areas that you believe are most important for the future, discern where and how to innovate, identify what skills and talents to be acquired, understand the changes likely to occur, foresee risk and be ready to tackle them effectively. Look within for getting ready; identify the areas for improvement, prioritize areas for investing time and resources.

Be optimistic in uncertainty, have clarity and an open mind, be proactive and have the foresight to make the most of every opportunity that may come your way. May God Almighty bless the days ahead of you, be resolved and always be ready so that every opportunity can be turned into a steppingstone to reach the next level.

Meta Description: Opportunities are steppingstones when you spot them early; seize them before it reaches out of your hand. Opportunities are an advantage when you are fully prepared and ready to make the most of it whenever it comes your way.

Sudhakar I. Prabu brings rich experience of career spanning over 20 plus years which includes leadership role in three start-ups. He has successfully planned and executed enterprise-wide management strategies in performance improvement, leadership development, learning and development, and change management, as well as facilitated leadership excellence workshops for Business Managers, Functional Managers, and Middle level managers. He can be contacted at sudhakar(at)tpmc.in

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