How to lead effectively when you are under pressure

How to lead effectively when you’re under pressure?

Researches indicate that leaders who excel under pressure face the same level of stress and pressure that are usually found among top athletes and elite military units. One of the factors that differentiate great leaders from the rest is their ability to cope with pressure, thrive under pressure, and lead people in high-pressure situations. Leaders

How to receive and use criticism effectively?

How to receive and use criticism effectively?

Everyone will be criticized for some reason or other. It is perceived, for a leader, it is easy to give than to receive criticism. Since leaders are visible in organizations, are more often at the receiving end of criticism than others. Therefore, it is important for a leader to learn how to handle criticisms and

Turn opportunities into your Stepping Stones

Turn opportunities into your Steppingstones

Opportunities can be steppingstones, but they neither appear to you in a manner that is easy to recognize nor reach-out to you at a time when it is most convenient. To recognize and take hold of an opportunity you must look inwardly as well as looking outwardly. Opportunities are steppingstones when you spot them early;