Executive Management Development ensures development of Functional & Business Managers results in accomplishing business goals, improve its competitive advantage, and build high performing organizations.  Investing in Developing Leaders at the Executive levels ensure the business thrives and succeeds in short-term and long-term.

Leaders at the executive level are in the top of their profession in a business. They are expected to be good thinking about their function and business, bring fresh and multi-dimensional perspective to form a business perspective. The challenges leaders face at this level include: Thinking strategically. Leading functions in relation to other functions. Gain a competitive advantage to get ahead in the competition. And, keep focus on building high-performance organization to ensure business thrives and succeeds in short and long-term.

Our Executive Management Development is personalized to meet the development needs of leaders, customized to strategic leadership demands of the client organization, and made relevant by linking development interventions to business challenges and leadership behaviours required to be effective in the current role.

Our Executive Management Development integrates leadership and managerial skills. Creates learning opportunities and facilitate learning from experiences – success and setbacks – through mentoring, coaching, and feedback. Deliver formal programs that develop client specific strategic competencies. The program sharpens important leadership behavioural competencies like: Intrapreneurship, Driving Results, Thinking and Acting Strategically, Working across boundaries, and promoting innovation.

Why Executive Management Development is Important?

  • Executive level managers, Senior Management Professionals members of business team or leadership team, they must think from multifunctional perspective and they are responsible for building High-performance organizations.
  • Executives must see the whole picture of the organization’s overall mission and business strategy to focus on creating the competitive advantage. When executives effectively define, set, communicate, and enforce high performance standards, they can create high-performance organizations.
  • Wrong agendas pursued by executives, often the business suffers badly. When business teams or leadership teams function in silos, they isolate their function and their function work fails to support the business strategy.

Executive Management Development Focus:

  • Provide clear direction, let everyone know where the function/business is headed
  • Provide clear picture of business, connect function to the business.
  • Build work environment that stimulates innovation and excellence.
  • Set clear priorities for the function to provide regular feedback.
  • Provide a framework for multifunctional thinking and multidimensional information.
  • Develop functional strategy, gain a competitive advantage.
  • Build a High-performance Organization and promote leadership climate.
  • Build and sustain high-performance organizational culture.

TPMC’s Advantage:

  • Our Leadership Development Solutions target real-world challenges unique to each level of leadership.
  • Our Leadership Development Road Map and Competency Framework steers leaders to the right development at the right time.
  • Using blend of in-depth assessments, feedback, and experiential learning, participants will engage in development that is focused on their unique leadership needs.
  • Our Leadership Programs is customized and delivered at your place of business to best fit the goals of your organization.
  • Our Leadership Development interventions enable continues learning and improvement through a perfect combination of formal and informal learning methodologies.