First-Time and Frontline Manager Development – Leading People Effectively is critical for business success because it has the potential to improve employee performance by 25% and employee engagement by 52% and employee retention by 40%.

Transition from leading self to leading others, is one of the biggest challenge individuals face in their career. This is the stage, transition from individual contributor to management, where most first-time and frontline manager face significant risk of failure. Developing first-time and frontline managers critical for organizations’ overall performance. Because they have a significant impact on employee relations, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and team performance.

Our First-Time and Frontline Manager Development is personalized to individual needs. Customized to fit client’s operations and strategy. And fine-tuned to address business challenges and issues faced by frontline managers in client organization.

Our Customized and personalized First-Time and Frontline Manager Development fits an organization, regardless of industry or type of business. This program shapes and sharpens all key competencies that frontline managers must possess to be successful in their current role and ensure it is fully compliment client’s operation and strategy.  As a result, we make sure that individual’s development needs are fully meet and intervention delivers desired business result.

The program design incorporates required hard and soft skills frontline managers must demonstrate. These soft and hard skills make them effective in their current role within the organizational context. This program ensures frontline managers to apply lessons on-the-job to deliver the business results.

Why  Frontline Manager Development is Important?

  • Frontline Managers are the lynchpin to organizational performance and business success. When an ineffective frontline manager shifts to effective manager, there is a potential to improve employee performance by 25% and employee engagement by 52% and employee retention by 40%.
  • Under-performing frontline managers drive performance gaps and turnover costs. Majority of frontline managers fail because they are inadequately prepared to handle the psychological shift and responsibilities.
  • The Challenge first-time managers face is successful transition from being individual contributor to manager of others, this is where majority of first-time managers face a significant risk of failure.

First-Time and Frontline Manager Development Focus:

  • Getting Result Through others
  • Engaging and Enabling Others for High-Performance
  • Taking Accountability for Others Success
  • Removing Obstacles inhibiting Team performance
  • Build High-Performance Teams
  • Promoting and Implementing organization policies and Values
  • Planning and Enabling Execution for Team Success
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and Delight

TPMC’s Advantage:

  • Our Leadership Development Solutions target real-world challenges unique to each level of leadership.
  • Our Leadership Development Road Map and Competency Framework steers leaders to the right development at the right time.
  • Using blend of in-depth assessments, feedback, and experiential learning, participants will engage in development that is focused on their unique leadership needs.
  • Our Leadership Programs is customized and delivered at your place of business to best fit the goals of your organization.
  • Our Leadership Development interventions enable continues learning and improvement through a perfect combination of formal and informal learning methodologies.