TPMC’s High-Performance Organization Analytics tracks 42 potential root causes to provide actionable insights for informed decision making and continues improvement. Our Analytics reveals where organization stands in 8 parameters that are critical to deliver sustained high performance over a period and outperform industry peers. Based on how these metrics are trending, TPMC’s High-Performance Organization Analytics informs decision makers  predictive and prescriptive analytical reports. Using these insights, decision makers can make informed decisions and ensure continues improvement that enable sustained high organizational performance over a period.

What characteristics and capabilities enable organizations deliver sustained exceptional performance over a long-term? TPMC’s proprietary “High-Performance Organization Analytics” measures and track organization’s characteristics and capabilities in 8 organizational facets that are critical to turnaround organizational performance, evaluate sustainability of High-Performance, become a High-Performance Organization.

At TPMC, our quest is to know what characteristics and capabilities make High-Performance Organizations. What can be measured can be improved, therefore, we have developed metrics and methods that track and measure universal and organizational specific characteristics and capabilities. As a result, organizational leaders can make informed fact-based decision and action plans to turnaround organizational performance.



Understand why some organizations consistently deliver exceptional business results and others don’t.

How we make High-Performance Organization Analytics work for you?

Based on our extensive research we have identified universal characteristics and capabilities of High-performance Organizations. These characteristics and capabilities demystify why some organization deliver exceptional business results and sustained high performance over period than others. Based on in-depth research, we have grouped characteristics of High-performance Organizations into 8 organizational facets, 42 root causes, and 350 indicators. Our proprietary analytics suit help organizations to measure and track these organizational facets to evaluate sustainability of high-performance.

Our propitiatory analytical tool and our through analysis of client organization brings out insights reveal the DNA of an organization. Discover what makes the client organization high-performance. Understand where are the inherent issues that prevent client organization to achieve high-performance.  Understanding the potentials and pitfalls for high-performance. Using these insights, organizations can make decision based on facts and design targeted interventions to become a High-performance organization.

When Organization takes strategic and systematic approach to monitor and improve these characteristics and capabilities helps organizational transformation. Strike the right balance and create synergy among all the organizational elements results in sustained exceptional organizational performance over a period of time. That’s when an organization truly becomes a High-Performance organization.

At TPMC, our approach is not to give client a blueprint but a framework that provides highly useful insights. Insights that will point in the direction with factual evidence so that organizational leaders can take an informed decision to turnaround organizational performance. Organizational self-awareness  – Understanding where an organization is doing well, Where it is falling short, and how to create the synergy – is the critical first step in initiating transformation. These insights will give organizational leaders an edge in planning and executing action plans that will result in sustained exceptional organizational performance over a period, make building  High-Performance Organization a reality.

High-Performance Organization Analytics – Benefits:

  • High-Performance organization delivers better top-line and bottom-line growth.
  • Effectively deliver high-quality product and services, outstanding customer value and sound financial performance.
  • Culture that results in operational excellence, Organizations that can set and achieve high targets.
  • Increased organizational productivity and people performance, Pursue systematic and relentless execution.
  • Aligning and engaging leadership, people and culture, operational capabilities to strategy to achieve sustainable outstanding business results.
  • Enhance capability to do well, perform better than industry peers, outperform competition, and grow above the industry average.
  • Correct performance deficiencies, reinforce high-performance culture, create environment for continues improvement, build motivated workforce that meets high performance standards.
  • Have the ability to respond with speed and flexibility, thrive in any external environment, enhance value creation, and build healthy high-performance organization.
  • Have the ability to respond with speed and flexibility, thrive in any external environment, enhance value creation, and build healthy high-performance organization.
  • Engage and motivate employees, bring together the entire organization to achieve the shared vision and common purpose.
  • Remove ambiguity, enhance role clarity and accountability, and integrate systems across organization to outperform expectations.
  • Foster passion that encourages people to give their best and give employees a fulfilling and satisfying workplace to thrive and grow.
  • Overcome resistance and gain cooperation to implement organizational change initiatives. Build system capability to adapt and change as per the phase required to remain competitive and effective.