TPMC’s Leadership Development Solutions has the great impact on people and organizational performance. Developing leadership at Frontline, Middle, and Executive levels yields high returns, improve organization’s productivity, people performance, and achieve outstanding business results.

Effective leadership at all levels of an organization can result in 15% increase of organizational productivity, 30% improvement in people performance, and 25% increase in employee engagement.



Insights on how the best in class organizations develop leaders.

Leadership Development Solutions by Competency

TPMC’s comprehensive leadership Competency Framework brings together 16 top priority leadership competencies grouped in four high impact areas: People, Business, Team, and Execution. Each competency has 5 proficiency levels.

People Competencies

  • Leadership begins with understanding self and understanding others, applying that understanding to lead others effectively.
  • Leaders demonstrate deeper understanding and appreciation for people, strong interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence.
  • Effective leadership demands effective communication, communicating with impact and influence.
  • Leadership requires unlearning and relearning, to be at the cutting edge and remain competitive, continues learning and improvement.

Top People Competencies:

  • Self-Awareness and Others-Awareness
  • Communication and Influence
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Learning Agility

Business Competencies

  • Effective Leaders balance long-term expectations with short-term sustainability.
  • Leaders create alignment at all levels and get aligned to strategic priorities. Think and act strategically, systematically, and tactically.
  • Proactive Leaders recognize opportunities and obstacles, respond with speed and agility to capitalize on opportunities, overcome threats, and find way forward.
  • Effective leaders balance courage and caution, create value through innovation, and solve problems creatively.

Top Business Competencies:

  • Business Acumen
  • Decision Making
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Creativity and Innovation

Team Competencies

  • Leading teams to achieve strategic priorities, build High-performance teams that consistently exceed expectations.
  • Engage employee’s heart, mind, and hands to get high team performance, give employees a sense of ownership. Building High-Performing teams requires commitment, capability, and chemistry.
  • Leaders build a performance driven environment by building commitment, encouraging team work, accelerating learning, developing people.
  • Effective leaders build on the diverse strengths profile of their teams, resolve conflicts creatively and create sense of “we are in this together”

Top Team Competencies:

  • Building and Leading High-Performance Teams
  • Collaboration and Team Work
  • Developing People
  • High-Performance Culture

Execution Competencies

  • Art and science of getting things, excellent strategy execution, depends on leaders setting clear outcome expectations, giving clear directions, and appropriate follow up.
  • Maintain focused attention on top priorities, enable employees to deliver on expectations, and create climate that leads to exceeding performance outcomes.
  • Balance stability and agility, respond with speed and flexibility, continually improve systems, process, and people to gain competitive advantage.

Top Execution Competencies:

  • Result Orientation
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Performance and Accountability
  • Agility and Continues Improvement

At TPMC we are passionate about developing leaders with character and competence. As a result of our range of leadership development solutions, we can deliver as much as 15% increase in organizational productivity, 30% improvement in people performance, and 25% increase in employee engagement and commitment.

Our leadership development solutions have two fold focus. First to make the best practices in leadership development solutions a best fit for clients. Second is to make client’s investment in leadership development yield highest ROI and achieve outstanding business results.