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Leadership Development Solutions by competency, outcome, levels

Leadership Development Solutions is one of the single most factor that has the great impact on people and organizational performance. Developing leadership at Frontline, Middle, and Executive levels yields high returns, improve organization's productivity, people performance, and achieve outstanding business results.

Effective leadership at all levels of an organization can result in 15% increase of organizational productivity, 30% improvement in people performance, and 25% increase in employee engagement.

We are passionate about developing leaders with character, competence, and work values relevant to each levels of an organization. We make the best practices in leadership development a best fit for clients. Our endeavor is to align interventions to client's performance context, business strategy, and organizational culture.

Leadership Development by Competency Leadership Development by Outcome Leadership Development by Levels

Leadership Development by Competency

Leadership Development Solutions by Competency

TPMC’s comprehensive leadership Competency Framework brings together 16 top priority leadership competencies grouped in four high impact areas: People, Business, Team, and Execution. Each competency has 5 proficiency levels.TPMC Leadership Development Competency Framework

People Competencies

  • Leadership begins with understanding self and understanding others, applying that understanding to lead others effectively.
  • Leaders demonstrate deeper understanding and appreciation for people, strong interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence.
  • Effective leadership demands effective communication, communicating with impact and influence.
  • Leadership requires unlearning and relearning, to be at the cutting edge and remain competitive, continues learning and improvement.

Top People Competencies:

  • Self-Awareness and Others-Awareness
  • Communication and Influence
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Learning Agility


Business Competencies

  • Effective Leaders balance long-term expectations with short-term sustainability.
  • Leaders create alignment at all levels and get aligned to strategic priorities. Think and act strategically, systematically, and tactically.
  • Proactive Leaders recognize opportunities and obstacles, respond with speed and agility to capitalize on opportunities, overcome threats, and find way forward.
  • Effective leaders balance courage and caution, create value through innovation, and solve problems creatively.

Top Business Competencies:

  • Business Acumen
  • Decision Making
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Creativity and Innovation


Team Competencies

  • Leading teams to achieve strategic priorities, build High-performance teams that consistently exceed expectations.
  • Engage employee’s heart, mind, and hands to get high team performance, give employees a sense of ownership. Building High-Performing teams requires commitment, capability, and chemistry.
  • Leaders build a performance driven environment by building commitment, encouraging team work, accelerating learning, developing people.
  • Effective leaders build on the diverse strengths profile of their teams, resolve conflicts creatively and create sense of “we are in this together”

Top Team Competencies:

  • Building and Leading High-Performance Teams
  • Collaboration and Team Work
  • Developing People
  • High-Performance Culture


Execution Competencies

  • Art and science of getting things, excellent strategy execution, depends on leaders setting clear outcome expectations, giving clear directions, and appropriate follow up.
  • Maintain focused attention on top priorities, enable employees to deliver on expectations, and create climate that leads to exceeding performance outcomes.
  • Balance stability and agility, respond with speed and flexibility, continually improve systems, process, and people to gain competitive advantage.

Top Execution Competencies:

  • Result Orientation
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Performance and Accountability
  • Agility and Continues Improvement

Write to sudhakar@tpmc.in or Call +91-11-65669545 for range of leadership development solutions that meet specific requirements and outcome expectations.

Leadership Development by Outcome

Leadership Development Solutions by Outcomes

Begin with end in Mind, is the principle of success. Leadership development solutions start with clarity on the desired end makes solutions design effective and implement well to achieve the expected outcome.
Custom designing leadership development solutions takes into account uniqueness of organizations and common challenges faced. This enables best practices are applied within the organization context to deliver the expected outcomes. As a result, get higher ROI on leadership development initiatives and enhanced leadership effectiveness across the organization.  
We work organizations to design leadership development solutions that solve universal challenges in a way that is specific and relevant to client organizations performance context, culture, and people policies.


  • Effective leadership is a must requirement to build High-Performance Organizations, it doesn’t become a reality by accident. Effective leadership at front, middle, and executive levels that reinforce operational philosophy – core beliefs, values, and principles – that drive behaviors critical for High-Performance.
  • When leaders at all levels of the organization clarify direction and set audacious goals, communicate and demonstrate standards of excellence, and position people for success, then High-Performance happens.
  • High-Performance is achieved as a result of shared leadership that provides clear direction, plan and execute, support implementation. Leadership at all levels that make decision consistent with organizational values, create climate and culture, promote accountability and ownership, develop means to overcome obstacles to achieve business objectives is key to high-performance.

Building organizational Capability:

  • Leadership development is one of the top priorities for Building Organizational capabilities in many organizations. For an organization to do well, better than its competitors, and deliver exceptional business results, it needs to build capabilities.
  • Ongoing development of leaders and teams is top on the priority list of organizations. Because developing leaders who impact teams and individuals results not only in building broader organizational capabilities but also helps organizations to achieve critical results and remain competitive.
  • Organizations gain a competitive advantage by developing leadership capabilities that directly impact operations, projects, products and services.

Great Place to Work:

  • High-Trust and Employee-First work places have achieved superior results over several year periods in operating income per employee, operating margin, growth rate, and return on assets.
  • To motivate strong performance across the organization manage emotions at workplace. Building and encouraging partnerships, motivation, engagement, and commitment, when nurtured create optimal conditions to motivate strong performance across the organization.
  • Leaders’ behaviors and attitudes affect people in the workplace. It is leaders at different levels of the organization set tone for how employees and customers perceive and experience the organization, which results in great place to work.
  • Collective effort of leadership at all levels required to make employees contribution valued and appreciated, make employees welcomed and included. Encourage sharing of information and learning from one another that results in innovation, move from uncertainty to pursuing opportunity to accomplish great things.

Employee Engagement:

  • Business with engaged employees were as much as 43% more productive. Organizations that have highly engaged employees produce 26% higher revenue per employee. The more engaged your employees are the more efficient and productive they become.
  • Engaged employees perform at a higher level and bring passion and interest to their job, which often leads to innovation in the workplace. As highly engaged employees feel they have a real stake in the organization, they strive to efficiently create new products, services and processes.
  • Organizations that have a highly engaged workforce have an increased ability to attract new and qualified employees.
  • When employees are engaged, their job satisfaction levels increase. Satisfied employees play a key role in high-performance organization; they promote and support the organization's mission, strategy and brand.

Collaboration, Diversity, and Inclusion:

  • Collaboration in the workplace leads to overall organizational growth.
  • Today's organizations are filled with diverse groups of people – with different strengths, background, culture, and preferences. They must work together seamlessly and collaboratively in order to deliver business outcomes and deliver customer experiences that brands promise.
  • Today’s flexible and lean teams, in a dynamic hybrid matrix structures, where teams are quickly assembled and dismantled, members move on to the next project and team.
  • Challenges of Building and leading High-performance teams greatly affects what it takes to succeed as a leader. Creating the compelling context for people to work together, select and engage right players, build and support momentum, foster collaboration, encourage diversity, promote inclusion, and develop people as non-positional leaders.

Build leadership Pipeline:

  • Great and enduring organizations that are built to last make it a priority to develop leadership pipeline because it drives organizational performance today and in the future. Selection and development of leadership at all levels is the only sustainable advantage.
  • The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development pipeline. There is limitless possibilities and unimaginable potential in an organization that recruits passionate and competent people, raises them as leaders. And continually develops them to meet the current and future leadership demands at all levels of the organization.
  • Effective and healthy leadership pipeline creates a favorable leadership climate; effective leadership at all levels of the organization encourages, nurture, and develop competent leaders with character at all levels.

Write to sudhakar@tpmc.in or Call +91-11-65669545 for range of leadership development solutions that meet specific requirements and outcome expectations.

Leadership Development by Levels

Leadership Development Solutions by Managerial Levels

First-Time and Frontline manager Development:

  • Frontline Managers are the lynchpin to organizational performance and business success. When an ineffective frontline manager shifts to effective manager, there is a potential to improve employee performance by 25% and employee engagement by 52% and employee retention by 40%.
  • Under-performing frontline managers drive performance gaps and turnover costs. Majority of frontline managers fail because they are inadequately prepared to handle the psychological shift and responsibilities.
  • The Challenge first-time managers face is successful transition from being individual contributor to manager of others, this is where majority of first-time managers face a significant risk of failure.

Our Program enable and empower First-Time and Frontline Manager to be effective in:

  • Getting Result Through others
  • Engaging and Enabling Others for High-Performance
  • Taking Accountability for Others Success
  • Removing Obstacles inhibiting Team performance
  • Build High-Performance Teams
  • Promoting and Implementing organization policies and Values
  • Planning and Enabling Execution for Team Success
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and Delight



Middle Level Manager Development:

  • Middle level managers are responsible for 85% to 95% of the workforce, they are the driving force behind organizations strategy execution.
  • To improve organizational productivity Middle level Managers are critical because they are closer to the action, they know important issues, where the problem exists, and where opportunities are. Middle managers provide day-to-day thinking, planning, and leading that keeps the business on track, make things happen, and execute strategy brilliantly.
  • Underperforming middle level managers create competitive disadvantage, where productivity becomes elusive. Struggling Middle Level Managers lack core leadership and management skills.

Our Program enable and empower Middle level Managers to be effective in:

  • Plan, Schedule, and Organize work effectively to keep the business on track.
  • Enable focus on top priorities and critical results, avoid inappropriate ones.
  • Break silos to maintain easy and quick flow of work for strategy execution.
  • Integrate and coordinate units with other parts of business.
  • Work through frontline managers, get result through managers and others.
  • Select and coach capable first time managers and Hi-POs for success.
  • Develop and hold first-time and frontline managers accountable leadership work.
  • Create motivating, engaging, and High-Performance work environment.



Executive level Manager Development

  • Executive level managers, Senior Management Professionals members of business team or leadership team, they have to be good at thinking from multifunctional perspective and they are responsible for building High-performance organizations.
  • Executives must see the whole picture of the organization’s overall mission and business strategy to focus on creating the competitive advantage. When they effectively define, set, communicate, and enforce high performance standards, they can create high-performance organizations.
  • Business suffers badly when executives pursue wrong agendas. When business teams or leadership teams function in silos, they isolate their function and their function work fails to support the business strategy.

Our Program enable and empower Executive level Managers to be effective in:

  • Provide clear direction, let everyone know where the function/business is headed
  • Provide clear picture of business, connect function to the business.
  • Build work environment that stimulates innovation and excellence.
  • Set clear priorities for the function to provide regular feedback.
  • Provide a framework for multifunctional thinking and multidimensional information.
  • Develop functional strategy, gain a competitive advantage.
  • Build a High-performance Organization and promote leadership climate.
  • Build and sustain high-performance organizational culture.

Write to sudhakar@tpmc.in or Call +91-11-65669545 for range of leadership development solutions that meet specific requirements and outcome expectations.

At TPMC we are passionate about developing leaders with character and competence. As a result of our range of leadership development solutions, we can deliver as much as 15% increase in organizational productivity, 30% improvement in people performance, and 25% increase in employee engagement and commitment.

Our leadership development solutions have two fold focus. First to make the best practices in leadership development solutions a best fit for clients. Second is to make client's investment in leadership development yield highest ROI and achieve outstanding business results. 

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