This comprehensive program – Leadership Thinking and Innovation – is designed to help managers develop holistic perspective. Find Creative Break-through, Gain Competitive Advantage, and Get Ahead in the competitive marketplace.

Simply doing what great leaders did, imitating successful leaders, does not guarantee success. Practicing how great leader think, arrive at a decision, and develop solutions is the path that leads to leadership greatness.

During the workshop participants examine their established ways of thinking; develop the ability to find new solutions to old problems. Participants will master process that help identifying new ideas and opportunities. This program will enhance manager’s ability to think and develop ideas,  strategies,  and  solutions. , As a results,  shape  the  way  people  think  and  act  in  their organization to reach new heights.

As a result of participating in this program Leadership Thinking and Innovation, Participants Should be able to Demonstrate:

Think Differently to Act Differently, Gain Competitive Advantage:

  • Move from being conventional thinker to become an integrative thinker.
  • Develop the thinking pattern exhibited by the highly successful leaders.
  • Develop 360 degree perspective & dimensions of issues, be able deal with complexity.
  • Recognize and mature great ideas around you, ensure best ideas rise to top.
  • Search for the better alternative, Develop ideas and solutions to gain formidable competitive advantage.
  • Use creative problem solving process effectively, and challenge the status-quo.

Innovate & Ideate Collaboratively; Excel in Group Decision Making:

  • Brainstorm with different type of thinkers, creatively handle different point of views.
  • Ideate in groups, recognize idea killers, encourage & promote creative thinking in groups, and better control chaos through the process.
  • Build systems and process as well as methods and techniques to stimulate and power innovation.
  • Harness from the collective wisdom of the group to find innovative solutions and ideas.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will be highly beneficial to:  Middle and Senior management professionals, IT Managers, Project Managers, HR Managers, B2B sales professionals.

Program Lengths:

2 Days of Instructor-Led Group learning & 6 Sessions of Personalized Leadership Coaching

Group Size:

12 Middle level managers per Program.


English language will be used for Facilitation and Leadership Coaching.