Middle Manager Development is critical for organization’s success because middle level managers are the bridge between organization’s strategy and execution. Managers at the middle level are responsible for 90% to 95% of the workforce, they are the driving force behind translating strategy into business results. Effective Middle Manager Development enables managers to provide day-to-day thinking, planning, and leadership that keeps business on track, make things happen in organizations.

Strength of leadership capability at the middle management is a primary determinant of an organization’s ability to execute its strategy. Effective Middle Manager Development ensures an organization is productive and successful. Middle Managers’ face different set of challenges. Such as, ever-increasing span of control, the increasing complexity of business, and rapid change. The roles of middle manager in organizations have become tougher and often overwhelming.

Our Middle Manager Development is personalized to individual needs. Customized to fit client’s business context. And made relevant to unique challenges middle managers face in client organization.

Our Middle Manager Development sharpens important behavioral skills, Such as: Influence, Communication, Thinking and Acting Systematically, and Learning Agility. We ensure that the individual manager’s development needs are fully met through 70:20:10 intervention design. Our program engages participants in continuous  learning and improvement. As a result, enables managers and leaders to acquire and apply skills that help them to execute business strategy flawlessly. Continues improvement in the middle management level helps organizations to build productive organizations.

Why Middle Manager Development is Important?

  • Managers at the middle are responsible for 85% to 95% of the workforce, they are the driving force behind organizations strategy execution.
  • Middle level Managers are critical for organizational productivity because they are closer to the action, they know important issues, where the problem exists, and where opportunities are. They  provide day-to-day thinking, planning, and leading that keeps the business on track, make things happen, and execute strategy brilliantly.
  • Underperforming middle level managers create competitive disadvantage, where productivity becomes elusive. Struggling Middle Level Managers lack core leadership and management skills.

Middle Manager Development Focus:

  • Plan, Schedule, and Organize work effectively to keep the business on track.
  • Enable focus on top priorities and critical results, avoid inappropriate ones.
  • Break silos to maintain easy and quick flow of work for strategy execution.
  • Integrate and coordinate units with other parts of business.
  • Work through frontline managers, get result through managers and others.
  • Select and coach capable first time managers and Hi-POs for success.
  • Develop and hold first-time and frontline managers accountable leadership work.
  • Create motivating, engaging, and High-Performance work environment.

TPMC’s Advantage:

  • Our Leadership Development Solutions target real-world challenges unique to each level of leadership.
  • Our Leadership Development Road Map and Competency Framework steers leaders to the right development at the right time.
  • Using blend of in-depth assessments, feedback, and experiential learning, participants will engage in development that is focused on their unique leadership needs.
  • Our Leadership Programs is customized and delivered at your place of business to best fit the goals of your organization.
  • Our Leadership Development interventions enable continues learning and improvement through a perfect combination of formal and informal learning methodologies.