Organization Performance Improvement Consulting is a systematic and through approach to establish positive and negative performance gaps, close strategy execution gaps. Our belief is that one-size-fit-all approach to organization performance improvement doesn’t work well. Therefore, we offer, targeted performance improvement solutions that deliver business impact, achieve desired performance outcomes.

We undertake a systematic, thorough, and fact-based approach to analyze entire performance system. As a result, establish positive and negative performance gaps. Based on the gaps identified and cause and effect relationships, we recommend performance improvement actions. We also design targeted performance improvement solutions to achieve performance goals and performance standards.



– a blueprint for maximizing and optimizing organizational performance..

Our engagement with clients include: partner with client on a strategic initiative as well as recommend new performance improvement opportunity that add value.
Our consultative approach and fact-based analysis help unearth root causes. Based on root cause select and design action plans, manage workplace solutions.  Thereafter, measure results and facilitate continues improvement of performance in client organizations.

As a result of systematic and through analysis, establish positive performance gaps (where a client has the opportunity to maximize performance) and negative performance gaps (Areas client must optimize performance to close gaps to meet expected performance standards).  Based on the identified performance gaps, we design a targeted interventions to close performance gaps. Deliver performance outcomes that can be sustained over a period.

How do we make Organization Performance Improvement Consulting work for you?

  1. Understanding Business Needs. We take efforts to get to the bottom of things to understand exactly what client organizations aim to achieve. Determine what make them successful over a long-term.  What competing priorities clients deal with everyday. What metrics they are using to monitor performance that are vital to achieve organizational success in the long-term.
  2. Understanding Performance Needs. We undertake a systematic and through fact based analysis to establish what individuals must do – accomplishments and behaviors – to achieve stated performance objectives. We define what behaviors required of individuals within specific job or role to deliver performance accomplishments.
  3. Understanding Capability Needs. We take great care to establish capability needs – skills and knowledge people must have in order to meet the expected performance standards and outputs.

Our understanding of industry, client organization, performance needs and capability needs help us design solutions that are aligned with client organization’s strategic priorities. Targeted intervention design aligned to client’s development priorities and performance outcome expectations.

Targeted solution design makes the battle to achieve performance improvement half won. the second half depends on effective implementation. We collaboratively work with client organization stakeholders to determine development priorities and appropriate sequence to achieve optimum results. Our collaborative approach helps us to prepare organizational climate and implement interventions effectively to deliver performance outcomes and business impact.

Representative Model of Organization Performance Improvement Consulting approach:

TPMC’s Organization Performance Improvement Consulting Capabilities:

  • Assessment and Analytical capabilities to conduct systematic and through analysis of needs and priorities.
  • Tools to measure progress and evaluate business impact.
  • Demonstrate evidence of business impact and performance improvement.

Why Choose TPMC’s Organization Performance Improvement Consulting:

  • We adopt a consultative approach. Bring a strategic view and Aggregated knowledge. We carry out Assignments by capable and certified professionals. We ensure it is a low risk implementation, get you highest return on investment in performance improvement.
  • Pan India Execution capability to reduce direct and indirect cost.