This comprehensive program – Team Building and Peak Performance – is designed to enable participants to practice adaptive leadership and collaborative behaviors. As a result, outsmart competition and thrive in uncertainty.

Leadership teams have great potential, because they bring together rich pool of knowledge, expertise, and experience. But to unlock that potential teams must transcend from silo mentality to shared leadership values.

During the workshop, using structured group learning, reflective practices, participatory learning, participants enhance the  understanding  of  uniqueness  and  differences  of  one’s  self  and  others. This results in creating win-win trustful environment, explore assumptions and factors that enable or inhibit collaboration. The leadership team also explore and establish suitable structure, support, and conditions required to build a superb leadership team.

As a result of participating in this program – Leadership Team and Collaboration, Participants should be able to Demonstrate:

Create Team Dynamics, Capitalize on Diversity, Build on Authenticity:

  • Enhance self-awareness and create conducive environment  for mutual appreciation and team synergy.
  • Learn the right behaviours that enable leadership team members to collaborate effectively with other members.
  • Reinvigorate the sense of  purpose and  mission as  a  top team, explore opportunities to support of one another.
  • Take proactive  measures  to identify potential conflicts, and support mutually beneficial resolutions aligned with vision and mission.
  • Appreciate diversity and work collaboratively to create a team environment that  leads to best decisions.

Ensure Sound Basics & Right Enablers are in place to thrive as a Team:

  • Identify and Blur the lines that lead to silos in team structure and create right conditions for shared leadership.
  • Examine signs, characteristics, and drivers of your team dynamics and identify measures that will lead to the peak, become great.
  • Establish right collaborative process in place and identify and avoid potential dysfunctions.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will be highly beneficial to:  Middle and Senior management professionals, IT Managers, Project Managers, HR Managers, B2B sales professionals.

Program Lengths:

2 Days of Instructor-Led Group learning & 6 Sessions of Personalized Leadership Coaching

Group Size:

12 Middle level managers per Program.


English language will be used for Facilitation and Leadership Coaching.